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Favorite Podcasts For Creatives

Andi Ploehs

My first post from my new and improved site! As you can see I've decided to leave Blogger and try Squarespace, and I must say so far so good! I not only love the look of my site but the best part is that it's super easy to design and navigate! Now back to the matter at hand...

Years ago I tried to make listening to podcasts a part of my weekly routine. Unfortunately it never stuck with me. The stations out there years ago weren't very interesting to me. But now there are tons and tons of stations that are not only helping me on my creative business path, but stations that make me feel like I'm not the only going through creative ups and downs.

The following podcasts are a part of my weekly listening. I'm a pretty busy chick, and only find times to listen to podcast when I'm printing and packing up orders. It's perfect! I tried to listen while working on the computer, but I find that I like to take down notes sometimes depending on the topic. There are also times where the episode is so on point that I listen twice. You'll also notice that most of the people people on the podcasts all have very similar guests in the biz. But that's why I love them!

The Fresh Rag ShowThis is hands down my favorite podcast. Dave is a creative that was an Art Director. He truly knows the ends and out of the business not just as an entrepreneur, but on a corporate level. I especially love listening to Dave because he tells it like it is. He doesn't hold anything back and neither do his guests. Love!

Elise Gets Crafty - You're probably familiar with Elise from her very popular blogI've been following Elise for about 4 years now. Her podcast was way overdue, and I'm Ob-Sessed with it! Her guests are freakin' awesome and a lot of them are in the stationary or blogging business with is a double plus. I was going to share my favorite episode, but that'll be in another post. Stay tuned!

After The Jump - I feel like Design Sponge was the pioneer of DIY/Creative Blogs. And the genius behind it has a podcast! Grace Bonney is brings a sense of calmness with her voice and I want to listen all the time! Her guest are some of the best in the creative business. But I especially love that Grace's guests also include the people behind the scenes who you don't hear about. If you like her blog, you'll LOVE her podcasts!

The Lively Show - I've also been a fan of Jess and her blog for a few years. I love her podcasts for the same reason I love her blog. She covers all topics of life, career, relationships, fashion, and the list goes on and on. Jess also has a upbeat, your girlfriend next door vibe that makes you feel like you've been friends since elementary school. And she lives in Chicago…my old stomping grounds, win win!

Whether you're in the creative business or not, you should take a listen to these four awesome podcast. I promise you won't be disappointed. I'm always looking for more podcast to add to my list.

What are some of your favorites?