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Lately... Summer Vacation

Andi Ploehs

Lately is a weekly post where I share my week with you in photos. I love taking pictures and sharing them with you here on my blog and on Instagram.

lately vacation edition-5.jpg

We were on much needed vacation in The Outer Banks and enjoyed every single minute! We rented bikes for the week and spent the first couple days riding around the town. I loved it because there were very few hills, so I was able to keep up without needing a break. But it was so humid that after each morning ride we were totally soaked! But we had the ocean to cool us off :)

We spent most of our time on the beach where I was able to read one of the three books I brought with me. I also listened to all of my favorite podcasts a lot of the time. 

My love is quite the sand castle/turtle builder, so much so that people would stop and take pictures of his creation. I'm such a proud wife, lol!

I also tried to each as much fresh fruit as I possibly could. I eat a lot now, but fruit in Ohio just ain't like the ones on the coast....just sayin'. 

The daily sunrise and sunset off the back of our deck. What else is there to say?

Have to visited the Outer Banks? This was my first time, and I'll definitely be back.