Lately is a weekly post where I share my week with you in photos. I love taking pictures and sharing them with you here on my blog and on Instagram.

Since summer is almost over I've been trying to enjoy time with my love as much as possible. Back to school means the fun is over :( 

We spent a lot of our mornings in our enjoying our awesome neighborhood and having breakfast in Washington Park

I had a show recently in Columbus, and even though it stormed most the day, the location was super sweet!

While on vacation I was set on closing down my shop, but at the last minute changed my mind. Thank God I didn't because I got another account! Here I come Connecticut! 

Later this week I'll be updating you on our garden. Our tomatoes are Out Of Control, and my love made fried green tomatoes from it. #delish

Isn't that wine packaging awesome!

We have a winner from our giveaway last week! Congratulations Melissa! 

What have you been up to lately?