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Our Garden

Andi Ploehs

I'm a bit embarrassed that this is really my first update on our garden this season. We're huge into gardening veggies, plants, etc. Last year in addition to our usual flower garden we planted a lot of veggies including cucumbers, peppers, herbs, and tomatoes just to name a few. I researched how to do it the right to properly prune, watering schedule, the distance between plants. - but last year something went wrong. None of our tomatoes grew. Our herbs did well but we lost a lot of veggies not to the squirrels or deers, but to our dog Layla. And in typical Andi fashion I forgot about her feasting on our veggies last year and this year the same thing happened. That dog loves cucumbers!

This year instead of putting boxes on the deck we decided to build a garden box/bed. My husband found this awesome site on how to build a garden bed for $10! We decided to plant only tomatoes and herbs in the bed. We added Marigolds along the edge because they're supposed to scare off certain bugs and pesticides.

What we weren't anticipating was the overwhelming weight from the veggies. They've totally taken over our bed (pic below)!  

As you can see our tomato plants kind of got out of control. They along with our herbs are growing like weeds! There are so many growing that it's just too heavy. We've tied it to the trellice but it still falls onto the grass. And at that point its anyone's game...Layla vs. Squirrels.

I also made a decision not to over think this gardening thing this year. I wasn't going to be worried about pruning the tomato plants. I watered when I could, and we got plenty of rain so I didn't have to water too much. The box was built in the perfect place. We get plenty of sun there but not too much. I guess when you don't worry everything works out.

The good thing about our tomatoes growing fast is that we can eat them just about every week. My love made fried green tomatoes and we're planning on canning next month because we love pasta and the idea of canning our own tomato sauce gives me goose bumps! 

Are you gardening this summer? How are your plants and flowers doing?