Lately is a weekly post where I share my week with you in photos. I love taking pictures and sharing them with you here on my blog and on Instagram.

My love has been doing tons of cooking using delicious veggies and herbs from our garden. We wanted bread the other day but were too lazy to go to the store, so he decided to make focaccia bread instead. IT WAS AMAZING! 

Last week I was on my way to work and decided to stop in Happy Belly in OTR. I had their breakfast sandwich with avocado, cheese, and egg. And their shop is super cute. 

Streetpops is a shop near our house and I walk by it weekly. I finally had the chance to stop in and I'll definitely be back! 

We had a dinner date in the park last week and watched Cincinnati Shakespeare Company perform Macbeth. The weather was perfect and we packed a picnic too. It was a pretty awesome evening, and it was free. WIN WIN!