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DIY - Spice Up Your Business Card

Andi Ploehs

Who doesn't love a little pop of color? I'm way overdue for a little DIY project and wanted a quick and easy project using materials I already had at home. I had a box of business cards on hand (overnight, paint that matched my brand, binder clips, and a paint brush. I came across this DIY a while back and new that one day I had to try it. 

I took about a third of the cards and held them together using fresh binder clips. I say fresh because the newer clips are a bit harder to open which means they will definitely keep the cards in place making it harder for paint to seep through. And I used a foam brush instead of the bristle brush for the same reason. 

You're definitely going to get paint on the top and back cards. You could even cut out a piece of paper the same size to avoid ruining the good card on top and in the back. I didn't do this and just thought about it while typing out my instructions, oh well... Let the cards sit for 15-20 minutes to ensure that the cards are completely dry. I removed the clips from the unpainted sides and moved them to the painted sides so I could paint the remaining two sides. 

After the cards have dried be careful separating each card. There will be cards that are stuck together but as long as you give them time to dry it shouldn't' be to difficult to separate them. Now your simple cards have a pop of color and a hint of spice! 

Have you tried this simple trick with your business cards?