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Andi Ploehs

Let me start by saying Happy Holidays & Happy New Year! And now let me also apologize for my  lengthy absence from the blog. It was our busiest holiday yet, and to help keep me somewhat sane something had to go on the back burner. Unfortunately it was the blog. 

During the break I new I wanted to set a few goals for me for the year. Not really resolutions because I never keep them, but simply goals. I wanted a small project that would make me feel good and positively impact the people around me. I also wanted to make it easy for anyone else to join. So I came up with #letters52.

Yes, I'm a card designer, but I have a very hard time remembering to send cards to my own family and friends. I thought this would be the perfect way to hold me accountable, and hopefully a way to brighten up someone else's day. There really is nothing better then surprise snail mail from someone. Now I don't plan to give my cards each week, even though I will definitely be throwing my cards in here and there. But nothing makes me happier then paper shopping, and I have plenty of awesome cards that I buy and collect to send to others. 

I will know each person that I send a letter too, but one week it might be my brother and the next week it may be a friend of my grandma's that I haven't seen in a while but knows would appreciate a hello. I would love for you all to get involved! At the end of each week I'll post the card that I decided to send on the blog and on Instagram and Twitter. If you decide to get involved please use the hashtag #letters52

The first card this week is one of my own. I have a friend who is 7 months pregnant and very fabulous! So fabulous she and her husband invited us to a french themed meal that was "perfect." If interested, you can find the card here. Stay warm!