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Andi Ploehs

I'm finally back to share the second card of the letters 52 series. Yes I know it's like eight weeks late,  but this girl is doing the best she can :) I have to admit I didn't send the second card until the third week in January, so I was playing catch up for a while and during a week or two I may have sent out 2-3 cards to play catch up. Now I'm all caught up and I'll be sharing three cards with you this week and probably three next week to get caught up to March. Don't even get me started on it already being March!! 

I thought it would get hard picking people to send cards to, but the hard part has been deciding who will have to wait. There's a lot going on in people's lives right now and I want to be able to send a card to everyone. So I've decided that some weeks I'll send two cards instead of one because that person(s) may really need a card to pick me them up that week. This card is a simple, "Just Sayin' Hello." It's available in my shop

Remember if you want to participate please use #letters52. Thanks!