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Friends of ap loves design

Andi Ploehs

I'm really excited today because a couple of my friends are sharing a few tid bits about themselves today. We've been swapping ads with each other and I decided it's about time for them to introduce themselves! After you read their post please stop by their blogs and shops. They are super talented and super sweet. Totally worth your time :) 

Since spring has finally arrived, that means in our house you can usually find us outside at a baseball game (Go Reds)! I love going to games, but my favorite part about going to baseball games is listening to the "hype" songs that players pick to have played when they're up to bat. Even though I hear the same song three or four times per game I never get tired of hearing it. So I asked the gals what their hype song would be. I think I would have several depending on my mood (I'm such a girl). But if I had to pick one for today it would be "Imma Be" by the Black Eyed Peas, because it gets me pumped up! Read on to see what the ladies picked.

What would your "hype" song be and why?
"Edge of Seventeen" by Stevie Nicks, because that's the age we discover who we are and because Stevie Nicks rocks! 

Do you have a Mother's Day tradition that you do with your mom and/or kids?
My sister, brother and I take my mom out to a nice restaurant of her choosing for dinner. 

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What would your "hype" song be and why?
My hype song would be "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC. I'm not a genre snob, I love all kinds of music, but AC/DC and 80's rock could be the soundtrack of my life, it gets me pumped up for anything and is the absolute best fun road trip music!

Do you have a Mother's Day tradition that you do with your mom and/or kids?
Being 5,000 miles away from my mom has made celebrating Mother's Day a little different, but I always send her a card I've designed just for her, and a gift! I love baking, I used to always bake something for her, so that is a tradition I really miss! 

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What would your hype song be? And do you have any Mother's Day traditions? Would love to hear about them!
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