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New In The Shop - Mother's Day Cards!

Andi Ploehs

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and I'm especially excited this year. I'm pumped because not only is this my first line of Mother's Day cards, but starting today you don't have to shop exclusively on Etsy to find my cards. You can find them in a few stores. That's right, I said stores!!!! I'm so happy to announce that you can now shop for ap loves design cards in three Ohio stores/coffee house. 

This whole experience/journey that God is taking me on is a bit surreal. And I do feel like the best is yet to come. I don't want to get all sentimental on ya'll, but it's taken me a while to finally be doing something that I honestly love. I love that I get to create items that people find nice enough to give to people they love and care about. Now I still feel like I don't totally know my purpose in life. But I do know that it involves creativity, and a pencil and paper :) ha! It might not sound like enough to you, but that's a huge step for me. 

I love the direction my cards are heading in. I love the simplicity in them, and simplicity and white space is something that was always important to me. Back in the day when I was a design student, and while working as a production designer. I love clean designs. Some days I hear sayings, or quotes and immediately want to make a card or poster out of them. I think my cards are become more and more like that. My oh happy day card is definitely one of my favorites right now. So please take a look around my shop, and let me know how you stumbled upon my little ol' blog. I'll also be hosting a giveaway tomorrow on a blog that I LOVE, so be sure to check back tomorrow where I'll be giving you all the details. 

What kind of greeting card designs do you like to see when shopping for a loved one? 

Shop ap loves design at the following locations:
Redtree Art Gallery & Coffee Shop
Mica 12/V
Simply Vague-Turtle Mall (coming soon)post signature

You can also find me on: